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Open Courses on Operations Research

First of all, I am glad to be here and to have the opportunity of sharing my ideas on this collective blog on Operations Research, which is a project that I should especially express my appreciation for. My friends, Sertalp, Ahmet...


Quick Tip: Problem Transformations for Linear Optimization

Linear Optimization (aka Linear Programming, LP) is one of the earliest improvement in Operations Research history. Despite the fact that there are more than 73 years passed since Kantorovich modeled first LP, it is still widely used in many sectors. In...


Forgotten Scientists

“No scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer.” – Stigler’s law of eponymy. Stigler named the sociologist Robert K. Merton as the discoverer of “Stigler’s law”, consciously making “Stigler’s law” exemplify Stigler’s law. (Stigler’s law of eponymy – Wikipedia) Why this happens? Most...