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Etymology of some IE/OR terms

We communicate with words. Each word has its own history, also each word triggers different concepts in everybody’s mind. But we are not fully aware of this. For an example you can watch this part of Douglas Hofstadter’s talk. In this...


Forgotten Scientists

“No scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer.” – Stigler’s law of eponymy. Stigler named the sociologist Robert K. Merton as the discoverer of “Stigler’s law”, consciously making “Stigler’s law” exemplify Stigler’s law. (Stigler’s law of eponymy – Wikipedia) Why this happens? Most...


Inventory or Stock? Observations from an OR Congress

Today, I attended National Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Congress in Turkey (YAEM 2012) in Istanbul. [L] Congress will continue for two more days. Such congresses are beneficial in terms of networking, learning and sharing. I had a chance to meet...