Competition Announcement – MISTA 2013 challenge


We are very pleased to announce a competition track at MISTA 2013. The competition is based around multi-mode resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem (MRCMPSP) in which multiple projects have to be scheduled, while taking into account the availability of local and global resources. The competition has a cash prize associated with it. More details can be seen at

Important dates

  • 4th of April 2013 Deadline for registration and end of qualification phase
  • 30th of April 2013 Announcement of qualification results and start of second phase
  • 30th of June 2013 End of second phase and deadline for submitting final result
  • 30th of August 2013 Announcement of final result and rankings at the MISTA 2013 conference


The first, second and third finalist will be rewarded with 1500€, 750€ and 250€, respectively.
Click here for project description.