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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we are organizing bi-weekly web seminars on Operations Research studies starting this week. With the expanding number of people in Twitter and Google+ who share, think and discuss about ORMS, it will be a great opportunity for those want to share their studies with the active ORMS circle.

One speaker will share his/her research in a 30-minutes talk in these bi-weekly webinars. We will focus on recent improvement in academic research and real-life applications. We encourage you to contact us via this link to present and share your study with us.

So, here how we planned the things;

After speaker is selected, we will provide a Doodle link for scheduling the talk based on availability of the speaker. We would like you to select your available times. Then we will confirm the day and the time, later we’ll inform you about it.

We plan to provide Google+ Hangout invitation for those want to join the talk. For those who couldn’t enter the hangout or who wants to watch it later, we will also provide a YouTube live broadcast link. By using this link, you can watch the webinar live. Same link can be used to watch the seminar after the webinar.

In order to spread the word, we need your help. Thanks for sharing.
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Sertalp Bilal Çay

PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant in Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University. Researcher on Conic Optimization, Inventory Theory, Supply Chain Management and Simulation. Blog: sertalpbilal.com