Show Your Hidden OR Talent: The 2012 Analytics Treasure Hunt


In his site, OR/MS Today and Analytics Magazine, John Toczek is publishing OR problems, examples and puzzles. As the description of his site suggests, the content is consist of “Decision Support puzzles for applied mathematicians” and also for OR people. Michael Trick wrote about him and also about a treasure hunt, where OR could help you to win some money.

So what is the treasure? Today (9th of July) 5 puzzles will be provided in both his site and Analytics Magazine, offering $100 cash prize. Problems will be on mathematics, statistics and operations research and answer will be a coordinate. There would be a hidden treasure on a coordinate. So we will win treasure by hunting the treasure. In John Toczek’s e-mail to Prof. Trick, he said “My hope with this project was to get the word out about O.R. and hopefully attract new people to the field.” I like the idea of spreading OR with such puzzles and so I would like to share it with more people.

Treasure Hunt will be available today. Although it is not online yet, you may find it useful to have a look to other puzzles. There are lots of puzzles since February 2008 and for answers you can email him at [email protected].

Since 25th EURO Conference will continue for a few days, there is a perfect chance for those interested. I will try to do my best, but I need to complete my thesis first! Wish me luck for both :)

Photo by ToNToN CoPT

Sertalp Bilal Çay

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