A New View of Analytics and Operations Research


While surfing the waves of the internet, I encountered with a video, which is very effective in terms of describing Analytics and OR. The video is created and uploaded by INFORMS on Youtube, with support from IBM. Although, there are more than two months since video is uploaded, number of people watched it is still low to me. I would like to share this video on OR-Complete, and I hope such documents increase in number to visualize complexity and importance of Operations Research. There is a survey about the future of the scienceofbetter.org, and I think such videos, clips and documents could be helpful to keep it up to date.

Here is “A New View of Analytics and Operations Research”;

So, what could be done to introduce OR, what could we do?

Sertalp Bilal Çay

PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant in Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University. Researcher on Conic Optimization, Inventory Theory, Supply Chain Management and Simulation. Blog: sertalpbilal.com