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An Online LaTeX Editor: Useful, Awesome and Free!

As a PhD student, I often use [R] for writing assignments, quizzes, reports and even for my thesis.  has a unique way to convert any piece of  messy information into an elegant text. Perhaps, it is the most used typesetting program in academia....


Open Courses on Operations Research

First of all, I am glad to be here and to have the opportunity of sharing my ideas on this collective blog on Operations Research, which is a project that I should especially express my appreciation for. My friends, Sertalp, Ahmet...

OR-Complete Webinars 7

OR-Complete Webinars

Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that we are organizing bi-weekly web seminars on Operations Research studies starting this week. With the expanding number of people in Twitter and Google+ who share, think and discuss about ORMS, it will be a great...


Every ‘Cloud’ has a Silver Lining

Without doubt, cloud storage is one of the most popular topics in IT nowadays. Cloud storage is simply storing documents, photos, etc. into an online warehouse, which can be accessed via several outlets, such as using a web interface or just...

INFORMS 2012 0


Although we couldn’t attend INFORMS 2012 this year as OR-Complete, we would like to share you that there is INFORMS TV 2012 channel on Youtube, consists of 18 videos regarding INFORMS 2012. Here is a video on the expectations of attendees;