Author: Sertalp Bilal Çay

INFORMS 2012 0


Although we couldn’t attend INFORMS 2012 this year as OR-Complete, we would like to share you that there is INFORMS TV 2012 channel on Youtube, consists of 18 videos regarding INFORMS 2012. Here is a video on the expectations of attendees;


Quick Tip: Problem Transformations for Linear Optimization

Linear Optimization (aka Linear Programming, LP) is one of the earliest improvement in Operations Research history. Despite the fact that there are more than 73 years passed since Kantorovich modeled first LP, it is still widely used in many sectors. In...


OR and the Matrix

Well, as a Matrix fan, I thought if we are really in ‘the Matrix’ then there could be some changes in Operations Research. I would like to start with the question ‘What is the Matrix?’ for those who don’t know the...


On Content of Undergraduate Operations Research Courses

Today, one of professors in my department talked about content of two new courses of him. He is planning one graduate-level course and one undergraduate level. While describing the courses, he stated that the graduate one will focus on academic issues...


Football and Operations Research

Football -aka soccer, the European football- is one of the most popular sports in the world. By having ambitious and successful teams, numerous supporters and perhaps the first and foremost unbelievably high budgets, football should be in the interest of Operations...


Solving Vehicle Routing Problem

First of all, what is “Vehicle Routing”? Vehicle Routing -VRP- is a common problem type in OR, which aims to provide service to demand points with a certain number of vehicles. VRP is introduced by Dantzig and Ramser (1959) -as Truck...


Easiest Way to Use Matlab over Java

I think Matlab is often needed for OR people, for solving equations, taking derivatives, etc.. Although I like mathematical software, I am using Object Oriented Programming instead, since I’m more familiar to them. However due to limitations of programming languages, we...


Inventory or Stock? Observations from an OR Congress

Today, I attended National Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Congress in Turkey (YAEM 2012) in Istanbul. [L] Congress will continue for two more days. Such congresses are beneficial in terms of networking, learning and sharing. I had a chance to meet...