Hi folks,

As a discipline which uses applications and analytical methods, Operations Research is one of the most popular sub-field of mathematics. There are many people involved in, including Management, Industrial Engineering, Operations Management, Systems Engineering with there are some others, so it’s a huge community. Despite the size of OR community, we still don’t have presence in web.

We thought, it would be a good idea to combine people in one place in web. OR-Complete is a collective blog, which carries the mission of gathering all operations research people (students, professors, researchers, employees, executives, and anyone curious about OR). We encourage you to join us and contribute with your posts and comments. There is no category limitation for posts; you can write about news, daily experiences, interesting facts, history, new ideas, software, hardware, internet, social media, ads and even feelings as long as it is related with Operations Research. You see, it will be fun to talk with OR people, using the power of collective writing.

By using this collective blog, we can use the power of knowledge sharing. Don’t you think it is better to read about OR, instead of other stuff. We welcome all; you don’t have to be an academician or employee or student. If you feel yourself as a part of this great OR family, then welcome to home.

You can reach registration page via this link. All your thoughts, ideas, suggestions are welcome here. Enjoy your journey in OR-Complete.